Crafty Horse Bar Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and here we aim to set out what data we collect and how we use it.

This website is our shop window and designed to let you see what the Crafty Horse Bar is all about, it's not an e-commerce site and frankly, we don't need to know an awful lot about you until you're ready to talk to us.

Our activity log is disabled, which means that we don't collect or see your IP address or collect any personal data. 

We do use cookies to help us to better understand how our pages are being viewed, which enables us to improve the user experience over time, but only if you opt in on the banner that's displayed when you first visit the site.

If you contact us by email to make an enquiry then we will store your email address in order to correspond with you in relation to your enquiry. We won't use your details for other marketing activities.

That's it.