We're this close to being ready to roll; in fact our first gig is less than a week away and so it's literally been all hands to the pumps to get the finishing touches to The Crafty Horse Bar done, including the pumps themselves and our choice of beer.

Now beer and drinks generally are things that we can get pretty excited and passionate about and we've spent the last couple of months buying, tasting and have noted a pretty wide array before settling on what we want to kick off with. Of course, as time goes on we'll adapt to our audience, the seasons and what's on offer;  but for the first outing we wanted to offer what we knew we could get excited about.*

And so when I was out to dinner with a good friend recently and he asked me what we'd do if someone just wanted a pint of (insert name of generic lager/beer), it got me thinking. This needs to be a commercially viable venture and as much as we love beer, we're not doing it just for the love. So would we be cutting off our overly sensitive noses at the expense of sticking to our principles about wanting to serve amazing drinks that maybe our customers wouldn't know? I really hope not but I guess time will tell.

*For the record: Rapture Red Hop Ale and High Wire Pale Ale from Magic Rock Brewing; Sputnik Pale Ale and Transmission IPA from North Brewing; Studio Pilsner, Roadie All Night IPA and Stagediver Double IPA from Signature Brewing, Brooklyn Lager and on draught: Brighton Bier Pale Ale & London Bohemia lager. We also have a great Glera Frizzante sparkling wine on tap and Orchard Pig Explorer cider. Hopefully there's something for everyone.


Spinning The Vinyl

No, not that type of vinyl; although at the Crafty Horse Bar we do have bit of a penchant for 180gm discs and the wheels of steel. But this time we're talking about our bar "livery". 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of setting this business up has been the opportunity to spend time with old friends in a business, as well as social capacity. We have some AMAZING friends that do really cool things and who have been super supportive of our venture. Special thanks today to James at and Matt at who have put up with "just one more tweak", "could you just...?" and "what do you think if...?".

Today the vinyls went onto the trailer and our faith that the colour palette that James designed for us would lift the general black and grey of the main bar was justified - we think it looks amazing!

Matt fitting the vinyls while Simon watches intently.

Matt fitting the vinyls while Simon watches intently.

Two down....

Two down....

Things are really starting to take shape. Today we also placed our first beer order (more on that in a future blog) and took delivery of our Lindr beer dispensers. It's starting to look a lot like a bar....