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Our Crafty Journey continues....

When we first had the idea for the Crafty Horse Bar we wanted to use it to bring amazing craft beers from local (and not so local) brewers to festivals, markets and events across the South East. We've been blown away by the enthusiasm and interest we've had for this wherever we've been, both in what we're serving and also in the bar itself, which we've been careful to make sure looks the part. We've also really enjoyed the process of selecting and trying different beers so that we can do our best to help our customers make their selection - never tried a good porter, or a stout, or a double IPA? Now's the time.

We've also had some great support from partners like Food Rocks who we work with at Horsham and Lewes markets as well as a number of other events (keep an eye on our Facebook page), one of which will be the Joy Festival at Groombridge Park this June where we will be getting crafty with Vodka for 3 days.

So now we're extending our vision and offering to craft vodkas and gins as well as craft beer. This is going to be fun.


Last weekend was our first event, earlier than planned thanks to a chance meeting with our friends at The Pizza Oven. 

Grittenham Barn Christmas Fair is about 30 minutes up the road, so a perfect test run in every respect. This turned out to be quite stressful 30 minutes, with full paranoia kicking in and 3 stops to make sure that everything that we had ratcheted down in the trailer was still where it should be (it was).

Midday came and we started to see a steady flow of people, with our Cranberry Bellinis & draught Brighton Bier going down particularly well, especially with Ben who had undertaken a monster train and taxi journey to come and see us. Great also to see friends Rick and Nicky who had decided to surprise us too.

Interest in The Crafty Horse Bar was high and it was good to speak to a few events planners and wedding organisers who had dropped in (Grittenham Barn is a popular wedding venue) and given us really positive feedback on the bar and how good it looked. All in all, we had a great day and learned a few things that we need to do better next time, like having more obvious beer menus and a bigger bin for all of the empties!

Next up is Horsham Christmas Market, where we will be in situ from Sunday December 18th right up to Christmas Eve. So do come and see us - we'll have a couple or more great beers on draught as well as draught Prosecco, mulled cider and a fantastic craft ale gift box for that last minute stocking filler or present for Dad.