beer box


Over the Christmas trading period we found that our 6 pack beer boxes were very popular - not surprising really, they're the perfect gift or stocking filler for anyone with even a passing interest in beer. Two months later and they're continuing to sell well and so we thought we might make them a bit more of a thing. We're not quite at the point where you'll be subscribing to the monthly Crafty Beer Box, but we do think that it would be nice to update it on a regular basis with the beers that we've really enjoyed in recent weeks and that you might enjoy too.

Here's what's in February's box: Magic Rock's 5% West Coast Pale Ale, High WireNorth Brewing's 5% Pale Ale, Sputnik and 6.9% West Coast IPA, Transmission; Signature Brew's 4.0% Studio Pilsner and 7.2% Double IPA, Stagediver and finally, Redwell's 5.9% collaboration coffee stout, Kofra.

To get your £16 Crafty Beer Box, just come and see us at the fantastic Food Rocks Horsham Market at the Carfax every other Saturday or catch us at various festivals and events, details of which will be posted here and on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Meeting us in person also gives you an opportunity to try a fantastic draught beer - Brighton Bier's Pale Ale and 360 Degree's Session IPA have been real favourite's so far this year and coming up next we have an IPA from Wiper and True and a couple of Pales Ales from Dark Star Brewing.